About me

The concept of Artchakra had its genesis in the year 1995. It was a couple of years later that I came up with the name “Artchakra” as a therapy that encompassed the principles of health and healing that I had become familiar with. To me the name incorporated the Eastern spiritual and wellbeing philosophies with the creative world of Art. It has become synonymous with the format and delivery of my Artchakra classes and workshops as well as my various writings on the interrelationships of the energetic bodies and the manifestation of disease.

It was inevitable that Artchakra would become a large part of my life. From my years working in Architecture and Design, theoretical and creative skills were nurtured. These qualities are needed to give one a basic knowledge of art and its various mediums and the fundamental principles of design and form. From my time in the world of theatre and performing arts, there came an embellishment of this commercial knowledge with the ultimate creative experience. The wonderment of amazing set design, creative scenery and of course the ethereal world of stage lighting where colours play with it all to create changes of mood and emotion.

It was during my time both as a performer, where lights were projected on to me on stage, and as a lighting technician where I controlled the movement of lights, that I came to feel the power of colour and its effect on our physical bodies. Sometimes I would be alone in a theatre and I would play with the lights and feel the effects they would have on me emotionally as I walked through the beams. Controlling the lights on other performers especially with dance and music was like working on a moveable canvas. I was in another world of creative bliss and it definitely fed my soul.

I began to see the effects that the various colours would have on my fellow artists as they performed. Sometimes it was subtle, sometimes very pronounced, depending on the material. It was obvious that the lighting created a mood that helped the performance, but it wasn’t clear to me at the time, just how important it was to aid the artist’s delivery.

Once I started my studies in Health Science, I began to see the relationship between the physical and the spiritual, creative body much more. I learnt about disease and anatomy and after studying some of the Eastern modalities, the energetic part of our anatomy became clearer. It was here that the Chakras and meridians showed their important function and how we really are a combination of energy and matter. It also showed that if this energy is not in harmony then physical illness will follow. It made perfect sense and logic to me, and the more I looked around at people, the more I could see the truth of this.

Studying energetic healing brings you in contact with the philosophies of chakras and colour. Chakras are amazing centres in our bodies that need to be nurtured. These are the centres of our emotions and the seat of all illness. Colour is intertwined with the chakras and by healing ourselves with colour we heal our chakras. It is a complex and very personal journey when you take the road of Artchakra because it is much more than Art Therapy.

You are painting to heal, and painting to grow. It has a much more profound effect on you then just creating a nice piece of art to hang up in your living room. You will be imprinting a piece of yourself onto whatever you desire, and every time you look at it, you will be healing yourself and that wonderful energetic part of you that we know as your soul!

Stephen Wayne-Smith